Guys I need help

dear pilots

I created a new account some time ago because I have too many violations on my old ones (153).
I have over 3000 flight hours and 2 million XP on my old account. now i am in doubt as to whether i should continue to fly with my old account or with the new one?

What would you do ?

would you give up your old account? or would you have started from scratch without violations.

I ask for your advice!

thank you in advance !

I would fly with your old account. I’ve seen people with 300+ violations so compared with them you’re fine. 153 sounds like a lot, but it isn’t too much for 3000 hours and 2 million XP compared with those people.
And it’s also not recommended to make new accounts to avoid the restrictions for ghosts and violations. It’s your fault that you got them
Remember, slow down when passing 10,000 feet, don’t leave your device during critical phases of flight and remember to stepclimb as those are the most common reasons


In early 2018, I racked up a ton of violations. I was out from Expert week after week. But even when I felt like to start a new account, I decided against doing so a kept my current account which has little over 90 violations total.

I see my violations as mistakes, mistakes made by intention, mistakes made unintentionally. In the end, it is these mistakes, that in the form of violations tell my journey of how I learned to fly proper and appropriately on Expert Server, in Infinite Flight.

I’d say, you choose your own path, I chose to keep my current account and will always no matter how many violations I may get. They, each and every one of my violations are a stepping stone, a learning curve, something I did wrong, that in the end taught me how to fly 🛫


I would stay on the old one because after two years you can’t see it on your grade table so…


Fly the old one. People make mistakes.


You just need to do landings to make the violations not impact your ratio. 2 million XP is tough to give up.


I once had the the same thoughts when I hit 80 violations. I was grade 4 at the time over a million XP but just couldn’t see past the 80 violations. But I also came to the conclusion that you should see them as a learning curve and then IF-A came out and as most of my violations are for overspeeding it was the best thing and I kept my original account something I’ve never regretted.

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Own them bro! Lol. They are yours. Let it make you a better pilot! I just received my first violation in long time a few days ago. I was pretty upset when I came back to my phone and I saw my plane had stalled and crashed, but I have to own it. Lol. Keep the account. You’ll be fine.

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Okay guys thanks for your answers!

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