Guys have a geek out over this

It starts out with a takeoff etc, but after that he goes right into everything about flying a 747, how the controls works and why they work, how all of the screens work, etc etc, its ace and the guys pretty sounds as well.


The video has been taken down


What? I watched it just as i posted it??? I’ll have a look

You trolling us?

Video might be restricted by country?

no it was a copyright claim he wasnt trying to troll us


It looked like the vid had been up for ages, it was with Cathay Pacific, in a 747 400. If it shows up again I’ll re post. Can’t seem to delete this post itself.

It was reuploaded. Look at this:


I’m going to have to save that one till I get home tonight, don’t think I’ll get away with watching it at work! :-)


Jerk. I was just trying to see whether he was being serious or not. Completely unnecessary.

Just to clarify this wasn’t a spam or troll post, I was just watching the video a couple of days ago. I’d bookmarked this post since I only got about 30 minutes into the video before being interrupted. Thank you @Mats_Edvin_Aaro for finding it again.

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