Guyana Airways | Georgetown - New York

So the last few days I’ve been interested in flying a Boeing 757-200 in games, actually for a long time. I was confused about wanting to fly an unusual route and maybe it had been inactive for a long time, then glancing at this boeing 757 in the game there was a livery that was enough to make me interested in flying the related route. Especially with older airlines.

Route: SYJC - KJFK
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Duration: 4 and a half hours
Server: Expert

Disclaimer for third photo

I also accidentally encountered this problem, when I took a photo with the default screenshot of the game replay, a box appeared in the upper right corner of the photo. Some of the other photos have and are not. Fortunately, I can crop the third photo and I try not to disturb it too much.

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Would you like to see another photo of me flying with the B757 next?
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Good shots! The problem with the box is an already known problem ;)


Yes, I tried to include the photo because it’s okay if you set it aside just because of the box in the top left corner

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Whoa, these are some great shots. Lots of beautiful colors and angles (oh, and JFK’s tower is looking great as always).

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