Guy really unprofessional atc EDLV Ts1

I was flying to EDLV when atc is online and I asked to land at runway 09 because that one is green first he says enter right downwind runway 27 and he cleared me for the option on runway 27 but I request runway 09 because that is green and I want to land

And then he is spamming please see the forum for assistance

This has been explained hundreds of times now. If you want a realistic experience, use expert. Simple as that.


U either mean don’t use TS1 or use expert

It’s in TS1, so we couldnt comment much anyway like @Kevin said

I believe I saw this controller right before I left EDDL TWR and GND


A red runway doesn’t mean the runway can’t be used. A red runway just mean that the winds aren’t favorable for that particular runway.


And might I point out that you are spamming him? Just saying.

I can’t say please look at the forum for assistance

You can’t always land at the runway of your choice even if it is green. However, he clearly was spamming you afterwards with all those repeat instructions. As mentioned above, if you want a realistic experience fly Expert Server


I am not grade 3 but I want it

I just realized that you are the aircraft, not atc. Sorry about that.


I think it would be good if you follow his instructions next time. Like @schyllberg said, Red Runway doesnt always mean its closed and it can be used even if the other side is Green 😉

If this is in Expert, You may be ghosted because of not following instructions. Thats why it would be the best to follow ATC Instructions 😊


I mean don’t use TS1 if you expect realism.


Nevertheless, as the title already says, I find that now not exactly professional. With winches of 11 km / h you would rather prefer the active runway. Also I think it is unacceptable as a tower, to spam. 😉

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What do you expect from TS1? #flyexpert