Guy in Expert Server doesn't understand what "Hold Short" means

So earlier today I was approaching EGCC 05L. On short final I heard ATC instructed a guy whose callsign is OD-MEA to hold short 05L, but this guy proceeded to line up 05L, and I had to go around. Not sure if ATC reported this guy, just want to complain about this because I don’t think this should happen in expert server.

Attached the screenshots of replay:

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Hello, I’d recommend messaging the moderators to see if they can help you out. Sorry for the issues :(

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You don’t need to publicly complain about these things. If you’ve experienced a problem with IFATC, contact the controller via private message and liaise with them about what happened.

Let’s try not to create one of these topics again.

Okay sorry about that. Didn’t know there were already lots of complaint topics.

I agree but if we dont, it wont teach them nothing… doing it privately is obviously not working.


If they arent publicly called out, they wont learn.

Yes, i personally would Prefer if i was publicly called out. It would be more effective.

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I disagree on both fronts.

If you’re referring to pilots, we (IFATC) have the report function for a reason. It’s not only to mitigate wrongdoers, but also so people can learn from their mistakes.

If you’re referring to controllers, they are always open to feedback. Shaming a controller on the forum isn’t the way to go about these things.


Im only refering to pilots. Because they almost never learn…

This button is greyed out and we have not been able to use it in years. But I do agree maybe pming is more appropriate.

Wait, is there a difference between being reported and getting a violation?

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I just want to bring up that not all mistakes by pilots are intentionally. Mistakes are also happening in the real world. I’d advice to get in contact with the pilot here on the forum. Pls give them the possibility to learn from their mistakes.

There are two ways to receive a violation, system violations issuing a violation by IF app (runway idle for example)
And reports, issued for major mistakes in an controlled airspace by ATC.
However, both are called violations.

Exactly as @Black_Bird said, however you will notice when you click on another aircraft to see their info there is a greyed out report button. This can still be used by Mods I believe, but it used to be an active button you could use many years ago.

We’ve had community discussions regarding these situations on the Expert Server as seen in the topic @Balacachini linked above. If you have any genuine suggestions on improving the expert server, as mentioned in the closing note, feel free to open a feature request. Thank you!