Guy getting too close

Hey IFC! A guy with the username @iSpags is getting way too close to me and isn’t slowing down. I have pictures for proof.

You’ll see he was away for 0mins. He just went away from his device. This has been ongoing for around 5mins. Also right before I took the picture, he was active it said. I need him reported. While I’m typing this, he’s going through me! This is also “Expert” server.

Just to know, what altitude were you at?

It says +04 which means he is 400 feet above you


A 737 at 0.85 Mach? 🤔


The screenshot above shows their forum username. You’re always encouraged to reach out, start a dialouge, educate, and help a fellow member out. Send @iSpags a PM if you’d like!


Dude, I had no idea I was coming up on you or that I went through you lol. It probably said active because I leave it on autopilot but keep my screen unlocked and awake. If it shows me away, it’s probably because I hopped off of the app to check some notifications really quick and then went right back to the flight and put my device down. I had no idea you were around.


No worries man! I get that you’ve might’ve not looked at your device. I’d say for the future, whenever you check your notifications, just make sure you aren’t about to collide with a plane. Thanks!

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