Guy Following Me

I just took off from Istanbul Airport on the Training Server and shortly after takeoff I noticed another plane following me very close. I thought it was at first a coincidence. As I continued to climb and turn the plane kept on following me very close. After reaching cruise the guy leveled off at the same altitude as me and every time I change altitude he also changes. He is 1nm away from me and it is very frustrating. I don’t know what to do.

There is nothing you can really do

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G’day, #support is for technical support with the app.


Sometimes when this happens to me I change my username to stopescorting

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When was this?

Right now I am flying from LTBA to EDDM on a Turkish A321 at FL 355

You probably left the MAGNET switch on…


Ik Swiss001 was escroting random people.Couldve been him

Just open a different app and you’ll disappear, then just go back to infinite flight (don’t close it) and he’ll be gone


Thanks guys, the guy just turned left and left me alone. It is just really frustrating when someone is 1nm away from you and doing whatever you do.

the other day i was followed by a grade 5 flying a fighter jet on top of me at around FL380! i wished Wake turbulence existed in this game just to see those pilots and their fighter jets get flipped over lol

however if i were in your position i would just switch off the game, who knows what that guy was doing?! maybe he was taking a video screen capture for laughter propose and upload it on youtube

i am not sure that username changes occurs in the flight so the thing to do is to change callsign to “NOFOLLOW” or someting like that

Its deeply frustrating when this happens. Had it happen today on Expert, though I think it was a co-incident rather than deliberate. I was flying VHHH-YSSY and he spawned just as I was holding short to take off and took off only a few minutes after me. We both must have used the same flight plan as he was on the same as me, about 2hrs before landing we was on the same level ( he had climbed straight to FL370, though I had step climbed up) but he was going a few KTs faster a flew right through me! Asleep at the wheel!

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So… what’s the episode called on “Air Crash Investigations?” 😏


Was thinking “close encounters of A 380 kind…


I agree people shouldn’t do that, but guess what, they do.
My advice: dont let it get to you; auto pilot on, volume down, watch some TV or go to the gym.

My two cents…


I think we need anti aircraft missiles in IF that would shoot down aircrafts like that .😂

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@Yusif_Kimeisua I think Ace Combat has that covered. We’ll leave missiles and violence out of IF for now ❤️