Guxk’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]@OMDB

Welcome to my tracking thread! I’m trying to improve my skills as atc to one day try out for IFATC. Be brutal and honest with any feedback. Will usually being controlling at KISP on Long Island

I’m open on the training server! Swing around for some touch n goes!

Open once again! Would appreciate it if y’all could swing by for a bit if possible.

Will close soon, would appreciate if I could get some traffic in here!

Closed for today

Open at EDDF! Changing it up a bit

Closed due to lack of traffic

Open at KISP

Well so I was GOO11,

  • Please when you’re going to give permission to
    taxi, give the near runway for the plane.

  • I request to change runway, you said: “Unable”, That was okay, but next time if there is not much traffic, accept the runway change by (Pattern entry, then sequence if there is and finally clearance).

  • When I land for full stop, there can’t be two airplanes on the runway. If the other plane behind me hadn’t gone around himself, there would have been a conflict, you have to give “go around” to pilot, no the pilot say “go around” to you. (I force the situation)

Even so, sequence was good, still working! Watch YT tutorials, there are pretty good!
Enjoy the day!

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I gave you that runway due to winds at 10 knots gusting up to 20 knots. Same reason why I said unable to switch

I gave the other pilot please expedite, traffic on final, I don’t know why he didn’t exit until the end of the runway. I was watching closely and I think he would’ve gotten off in time, but I’ll play it safer next time. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your feedback.

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I’m open for some more time, stop by for some touch&goes!

Closed for today

I’m open again, this time at KLAS!

coming by now nko526

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I have to sleep but hopefully your open tomorrow

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Sure, I’ll see if I can do tomorrow

  1. You could have given me the nearest runway to do an intersecting departure instead of giving me runway 1R and make me taxi so long. remember your main objective should be to get the aircraft airborne as soon as possible

  2. You made me take off from 1R then why give me left traffic? If there were aircrafts on approach then I easily could have collided with the others

  3. You need to work on your response time. Your responses were really slow

  4. In the end you didn’t have to give me enter left downwind when I was on right downwind. Doing that is impossible.

Please work on these areas

Dont give left/right base as a pattern entry, Downwind is prefered…

Tradition hight could have been a little lower…

But all in all grate job

Ok, thank you for feedback.

Thanks for stopping by