Guxk ATC Tracking Thread (o CLOSED)

Welcome to my tracking thread! I’m trying to improve my skills as atc to one day try out for IFATC. Be brutal and honest with any feedback (Will always be controlling on TS)

Open at KISP, swing around for some touch n goes

I’ll be there as N701FX

Overall you did a decent job. The problems I noticed:

  • You told me to extend downwind when there was absolutely no traffic
  • You gave me pattern entry instructions such as “enter right downwind runway 10” when there was no traffic
  • You didn’t give me the runway change I requested when there was again, no traffic (I usually always give people runway changes unless it is going to completely interfere with the other traffic)
  • You had the Citation and me doing pattern work on intersecting runway and the spacing was way too close
  • You gave me an “extend downwind” instruction when I was still on upwind
  • Remember to clear people who are doing pattern work “for the option” and then only once you are sure that they want a full stop should you give them a runway exit instruction

Overall, you need to work on a few things however I have no doubt that you will improve as long as you keep controlling.

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Thanks for controlling today. I was there at the end for a few patterns as N479QT in a Citation.

Overall I thought you did really well. Good job with issuing pattern instructions and clearances. Good job controlling pattern flow to allow an AC to depart.

Here are a few things I noticed:

  • You initially had me enter the pattern for RW 10. When I was roughly on the centerline for RW 06 you issued a enter straight in for RW 06. The other AC in the pattern was to my right so I ended up climbing to avoid him and executing a missed app. Having me enter a DW leg for the same RW would have been safer.
  • You asked me to extend DW to allow an AC to depart. Great.
  • You asked me to make right traffic each time I was cleared for the option. Only only need to issue RW exit instr on the first clear for the option provided the pattern is not changing.
  • You issued a cleared to land although I hadn’t reported in full stop. I called inbound (should have reported position instead) requesting T&G and you cleared me to land again. You dropped off not long after that so I think you were doing this intentionally to let us know you were leaving. Suggest using the “facility closing in …” message to communicate this in the future. Also suggest using “facility is closed” when ending controlling if there are AC present.

Thanks again for controlling!!



Thanks! Yea that’s what I was trying to let everyone know, I couldn’t find the closing in … min message. My intent was to have all jet traffic on 06 as it is the longest runway. I realized I had made that mistake and sort of messed it up.

No worries. Facility Closing / Closed is under Broadcast Messages.

You did great. Just tweaks!


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I’m open again at KISP!

Overall, great job at controlling. Only two things that caught my eye:

• Whenever you cleared me for the touch and go, you did not have to tell me to “make left traffic” because I was already instructed after you cleared me for takeoff: “Cleared for takeoff, make left traffic.”
• After I landed, I was not instructed to exit the runway.

Other than those two things, great job again on controlling.

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Darn, I keep on forgetting

Thanks for coming by I appreciate your feedback!

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I’m now Closed at KISP

Open at KISP, pattern work appreciated

I will be closing shortly as I forgot about a previous commitment

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