Gusty winds ATC KLGA..TS1..

Pattern work accepted along with feedback very appreciated

Is gusty winds your name? You include it in evey ATC post


i will come along-

callsign- J9-AIR

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I just Love to provide ATC services during gusty winds…lol…Its fun to 👀 the go arounds and the crazy takeoffs i see…Maybe it should be my call name…lol

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is it possible you take some screenshots of me, J9-AIR

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If i knew how too…lol

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oh okay, nevermind haha

Sorry…im still learning .lol…but i do have 13000 ops…lol

Thank you very much…I hope I provided you with top notch ATC Services

So I only there for a little bit - due to my ever decreasing WIFI speeds, but I have some feedback;

  • When remaining in the pattern it is not necessary to give “after the option - make left traffic” unless it is a runway change or I am just entering the pattern from a different airport
  • A fighter and GA have much smaller patterns than other aircraft so either use multiple runways or different pattern sides. It is easier than you may think…
  • No need to other use “extend downwind” - there were no planes inbound, in the pattern or even taking off so I don’t know why you did it…
  • Rolling departures are your friend here. You can clear an A320 (or whatever) if an F-22 is on takeoff roll and ineviatbky the A320 will be much slower.
  • No need to sequence when it’s just me in the pattern :)
    Any other questions PM me or start training for IFATC with a scout -
    ATC Training Team

How do you know you have over 13000ops if you aren’t IFATC.


Thank you for the excellent feedback…I will take heed…Thanks )ll

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You can message an ATC Moderator and they will be happy to let you know :)

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Yes I know as I am IFATC but he seems relatively new to the community & seems to be a bit new to some things. Was also wondering because that’s quite an amount of ops too.


He’s obviously passionate about controlling, not a bad thing :)


How do you know? Also quality over quantity

Don’t you mean a320 would be slower!?

Some staff will give you your stats if you ask…however…you shouldnt ask for stats unless you are thinking of being IFATC for expert

Tell me about it…I try to provide a 1 ATC Services…

I actually like IF because of ATC