Gusty day at EGLL!

Well, today the weather at London Heathrow today is really presenting a challenge for pilots departing and arriving at Heathrow!

Some aircraft I’ve spotted today:

@Tom_C having a tailstrike during his takeoff run and fluttering during takeoff

@Madone struggling to climb with the A330 and almost stalling during takeoff!

I myself ended up flying very erratically because of the gusts! Definitely not a good day for airsickness bags…

Once I land I’ll get some screenshots and post them here! Definitely fun to have a gusty airport which presents a challenge for pilots!


i stalled at 38000 and died 💀

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Lesson 1: Don’t climb to high altitudes with the A330. Does not work out.


During the initial climb keep it <FL330 then you can increase it afterwards.

Lol I was ready for the crosswind and used rudder…

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