Gusts 50+ kts from storm Ophelia at EGNS!

I’m going to attempt to do some patterns at EGNS. It is currently having the worst of the storm. This is not an event but merely a suggestion for people wanting a serious challenge taking off and landing.

Happy flying

Dublin is also suffering from the winds, Just finished a flight from there :)

I’m trying Douglas as it is currently suffering the worst

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I have appeared to storm chase in a Hurricane Hunter airplane. If the storm can hold for 2 more hours. I could get up there.

Yeah there is a category 3 hurricane over there right now

Good fun out there definitely a challenge if anyone wants to attempt it.

With @AdamCallow

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Wow, I didn’t even see this before, I was just trying to see what it was like landing at my local right now.
It is that windy that all the flights out of here after 1400z were canceled, Which on the up side meant I didn’t have to go to work today as there would be no planes to dispatch as there are stuck in the UK.

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