GullivAir A330-200

GullivAir A330 Livery

Who is GullivAir?

GulivAir is a new Bulgarian start up airline. They started operations in Decrmber of 2020 and they operate a sole A330 (as of December 19th 2020)
Here is the simple flying article on the new airline:

GulivAir’s A330

GullivAir’s A330 started out its life at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as PH-AOH and it was delivered to them in Febuary 2007. It was then leased out to Shaheen Air in 2016 and it was registered as AP-BMI. Shaheen Air were an airline based in Pakistan. In 2018 Shaheen Air sent the aircraft for storage in Arizona and it was in the desert until July 2020 when it was delivered to GulivAir.
The aircraft is now registered as LZ-ONE.

GullivAir Livery

In my opinion, GullivAir’s livery is simple but is really good looking at the same time. Here is LZ-ONE on the ground at Sofia



Thank you for stopping by. If you do like this livery and you would like to see it added to Infinite Flight, dont hesitate to vote.
Thank you and Happy Christmas!

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Hello! Unfortunately, as the A330-300 is the only aircraft getting reworked, we won’t see this livery coming, until the A330-200 comes. Nice livery!

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Would love to fly this between Sofia and New York or even Bucharest-Male 😍
If the A330-200 ever gets confirmed, this is the first livery I am voting for.

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Ah yes I know. Just being prepared for when the -200 arrives

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