Gulfstream Spotting

Hi IFC!!

After a long day at school, I finally got to go see the 15 Gulfstreams that all arrived today! You might be wondering why they’re here. I’ll answer that in a minute. There is an estimated 1 billion dollars sitting here at Signature Flight Support, in Fort Smith Arkansas (KFSM). On a normal day, the Gulfstreams would be here just for avionics updates, which is why they’re usually here. Today, was a little different. We all know there’s a hurricane on Florida’s west coast, which will eventually hit Savanna, aka the home of the G’s. For that reason, Gulfstream decided to fly their planes here. Now, there’s 15 sitting out here. Our Signature is small, so they’re crammed, meaning I couldn’t take a picture of every plane. But I tried my best.

My favorite part is that the first ever G800 (N800G which does all the world travels for airshows) was sitting out here, with the VETO still attached.

Bonus picture! They had a Gulfstream trailer, how cool!

I’m hoping that I can catch all 15 leave in departure within the next few days. Which picture was your favorite?

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Whoa I’d be in heaven. That’s sweet!

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Yeah, it was really cool.

flown on the G550 and G500 before, love them 😎
(ignoring the fact im on a challenger in not even 2 months…)


I love Gulfstreams!! By far my favourite private plane, it’s sad we can’t have it in game and that we got the CL35 cause of that


Nice pictures… but I thought you didn’t have time to travel to airports?


Its not every day a bunch of Gulfstreams come to a small airport in Arkansas.


Thanks for your input 🤙


One, you’re kinda being a smarty. Two, when there’s 15 Gulfstreams, especially the first ever G800, anyone will make time to go. Thank you very much.


i wouldnt, i got better things to spend my time on


Astute observation, Dan’s IQ has been proven to be at least 3SD above the mean

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Yeah, but not in English.

i… 💀🤚, besides that great pics

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no no no, dont respond

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Can confirm.

Makes absolutely no sense. Man’s from England.

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bruh, drop it, this doesnt need to turn into an argument

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Before you people ask, yes, he did sort-of take a picture of the G800. It’s just being overshadowed by the G500

Yes, thank you. I did get it squeezed in. That’s N800G, the first one ever!

These aren’t C172s, therefore I came out and spotted them.

I know, you replied 4 days ago 😀