Gulfstream III

Welcome, back, community. I thought it was time to finally do an aircraft request. Although this aircraft is quite old, I absolutely love the thrust reversers and engine design. Tell me what you think!

Credits: Wikipedia

Hey… Its #GAallTheWay… So you got my vote :P


Thanks! #GAallTheWay


The engine design looks pretty similar to the MD-80, probably a lot smaller.


Yes… very smaller. Although, most of these planes were made for military and GA, unlike the MD80s which were mainly made for commercial service


I googled the thrust reversers, it looks like a really sleek bucket! This jet is super sleek and bridges the gap between the CCX and the CRJ when added,

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The III is unique with the engines. I think the IIs are too. But, yeah, with the thrust reversers it definitely looks awesome.

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I like the look of the aircraft

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Also this one

Yeah those are all


Gulfstream has been one of the leaders in the business aviation market. For years, flight simulators and other avid aviation enthusiasts have wanted to use Gulfstream models in a flight simulators.

Unfortunately Gulfstream has made it very clear that they do not want their models to be used in flight simulators due to them being protective over branding and images that simulators may negatively portray. Infinite Flight has mentioned that they do not wish to swim in the muddy waters where legal battles may exist and have mentioned that they do not plan to add Gulfstream aircraft anytime soon.

Please understand that these aircraft cannot be added simply due to the wishes of the real world company/corporation and that we need to respect those decisions.

Note: For those that voted for this aircraft please utilize the returned vote you have casted and apply it to another aircraft. Thank you.