Gulfstream G700

Warning: This aircraft is expected to have its first flight in the near future. Deliveries are projected to begin in 2022. It will obviously be a long time before we see it in IF. It is unnecessary to point this out.

           The Gulfstream G700

The Gulfstream G700 has secretly been in development for the past several years. The aircraft is the company’s new flagship and is designed to compete directly with Bombardier’s Global 7500. Capable of ultra long haul flights and speeds up to Mach 0.925, the G700 would be an invaluable addition to IF’s fleet. Additionally, it is an objectively beautiful aircraft:

Credit: Gulfstream Aerospace

From Gulfstream Aerospace:
The all-new cabin on the G700 allows customers to extend their personal and professional lifestyle to their aircraft. With up to five living areas, the G700 offers an extra-large ultragalley with a passenger lounge or crew compartment; a six-place dining or conference room; and a master suite with shower. The Gulfstream Cabin Experience promotes and enhances wellness through 20 Gulfstream panoramic oval windows, the largest in the industry; the industry’s lowest cabin altitude, 100 percent fresh air and a whisper-quiet cabin.

“Gulfstream has a long tradition of listening to our customers, and the G700 cabin is the evolution of that collaboration,” said Burns. “Customers shared how much they value flexibility and comfort in the cabin, all without compromising the speed and range advantages they have come to expect from Gulfstream. The G700 delivers all that and more.”

The aircraft also offers a range of cabin amenities that revolutionize the benefits of business-jet travel, including the most advanced circadian lighting system in aviation. The Gulfstream-developed technology recreates sunrise and sunset through thousands of white and amber LEDs, gently coaxing passengers into their new time zone and greatly reducing the physical impact of traveling halfway around the world nonstop.

Program Maturity:
In preparation for first flight, Gulfstream has already accomplished nearly 14,000 hours of lab testing in its integration- and cabin-test facilities, Systems Integration Bench and Iron Bird. The company has successfully completed ground vibration testing, engine runs, loads calibration and all structural testing required for first flight. The aircraft has already taxied under its own power.

The G700 flight-test fleet will incorporate five traditional test aircraft and one fully outfitted production test aircraft. Manufacturing for all test aircraft is well underway. Gulfstream anticipates G700 customer deliveries in 2022.


Finished Cabin Height: 6 ft 3 in
Finished Cabin Width: 8 ft 2 in
Cabin Length (excluding baggage): 56 ft 11 in
Total Interior Length: 63 ft 8 in
Cabin Volume: 2,603 cu ft
Baggage Compartment Volume: 195 cu ft
Exterior Height: 25 ft 5 in
Exterior Length: 109 ft 10 in
Overall Wingspan: 103 ft

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 107,600 lb
Maximum Landing Weight: 83,500 lb
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight: 62,750 lb
Basic Operating Weight (including 4 crew): 56,365 lb
Maximum Payload: 6,385 lb
Maximum Payload/Full Fuel: 2,235 lb
Maximum Fuel: 49,400 lb

Maximum Range: 7,500 nm
High-Speed Cruise: Mach 0.90
Long-Range Cruise: Mach 0.85
Maximum Operating Mach Number (Mmo): Mach 0.925
Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW): 6,250 ft
Initial Cruise Altitude: 41,000 ft
Maximum Cruise Altitude: 51,000 ft

Avionics: Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck
Engines: Rolls-Royce Pearl 700
Rated Takeoff Thrust (each): 18,250 lb

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This would be amazing to see in-game, but unfortunately Gulfstream is snippy about having their aircraft in sims. It would take a whole lot of convincing (and maybe a little bribery) to even have a slim chance at getting this added.


You both typed the same thing word for word. Can you provide the source for this? I don’t see anything like that on the G650 thread. Anyways, plenty of other sims have Gulfstream aircraft so I’m not sure how accurate that is.


That’s because it was both me, on a wrong account. Source is the devs saying it themselves.

Haha that makes more sense, can you point me to where they said that?

It was a while back, I believe.

The all touchscreen cockpit scares me. There aren’t any buttons whatsoever.

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Well don’t discourage people from this topic if you don’t have recent information. If people speculate that it’s impossible to obtain Gulfstream aircraft, we’ll never get any.

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I totally understand but this is the future. The F-35 doesn’t have a lot of buttons either lol

The overhead panel is just touchscreens too 😂

Haha I know, it’s pretty ridiculous… It’s straight out of Avatar

Legit I was spotting the other day and me and another spotter with talking about IF. The other spotter was all triggered about the A350 and wanted this aircraft more than the A350.

Well I’m definitely looking forward to the A350. I can understand where he’s coming from though.

@Altaria55 @s1b2p5 That particular conversation takes up a good portion of the thread below. Have a read if you’d like.

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May have touchscreens, but it isn’t very different than Airbus. They both have joysticks and are both FBW, and have similar pilot limitations.

It looks like it’s just speculation on there as well. If anyone has information from Gulfstream themselves I would be convinced.

The coolest difference between this and Airbus aircraft is that it’s side sticks are electronically linked. That means the sticks can be actuated to give feedback to the pilots. Any force that one pilot applies gets mirrored to the other stick.

Yes definitely want more business jets in IF
Especially for long haul the gulfstream would just be fantastic.


That plane looks sleek and beautiful😍definitely worth a vote


sad that these wonderful jets dont get any love just the big airliners :C