Gulfstream G650

So uhh- this is a bump 😆😆

Let me just share that I’m SICK of long haul commercial aircraft and I want some private because it’s clearly neglected. As someone who rarely gets to fly on planes like this I want to come home some days and fly it around the California area for some ‘sight seeing’. But I can’t, guess why, because IF NEGLECTS private aviation and only has it’s main focus on long haul commercial planes. I fly long haul about once a month and it’s great, but it doesn’t always fit into my schedule. I really hope the devs notice this topic next year and we get an addition. Have a good day, and here’s a cake 🎂



I totally agree with you we clearly need more Business Jets in IF we only have 2 the G6 would just be ideal 💯👌🏽

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And the G550, G280, and G700

PSA: can the creator of this thread please change the name to ‘The Gulfstream Family’ so there is a chance that they can add one of the planes in case they can’t add any others 😅😅

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No, they can’t, because people voted for the G6 not all the others.

Go make your own request for some other aircraft, but this one will not change.

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