Gulfstream G650

That doesn‘t mean it‘s better for devs though.
For the G650 there is enough data available as it‘s a bit older and flies more often than the G750.

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I personally would rather have the G700 too, but it enters service in 2022 and there isn’t any flight data for it. 😔

The G280 is another one of my favs because it’s really comfortable and it can land at small runways. It is also good with high altitudes and heat 😁😁


The G650 needs to gain less than 30 more votes to get to next years Aircraft Poll 😆🤟

—on a completely related note—

Gulfstream Aerospace has never let a developer recreate one of their aircraft 🤭🤭


So unless they let the devs do it (or IF pays them a lot of money for licensing) it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen 😰

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Awesome pretty confident we ca make the poll 😃

I remember when I first voted for the GLF6 I was the 10 voter 😃 great to see the G6 get love ❤️



I hope we can get some Gulfstream jets in IF soon 😆🤟


Also what other jet is used in multiple (Nicki Minaj) songs… 😐


Wait , what ? Phahah , I don’t understand lol

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No rapper says global 6000

They all say G6 or G5

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Oh it makes way more sense to me now 💀
I’ll vote [ONE DAY] just for this reason so, as I know which songs thanks to you ! (NM)

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It’s a good plane

(and if the Queen flies on one than its even better) 🤩

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good and bad news I think

Did some research and found that there was no realistic Gulfstream G650 in a flight sim. FSX has one but we know that FSX and old and crappy today. XP11 has one it seems but it is in such low resolution in the cockpit likely to not infringe copyright I think. Model is also looking bad in terms of quality. So good news is that it has existed in a flight sim but not in a good condition which may have a reason behind it. Bad news is that Gulfstream is a pain with copyright. I’ll see what I can do to get into contact with the folks at Gulfstream to get a reply on their copyright rules and why they enforce it. Fingers crossed they reply.


I agree we need at least one of those for the next new aircraft I mean we got a lot of Airliners already i don’t think we need another Airbus or Boeing


243 VOTES 🗳 not bad.
So happy to see the G6 getting attention 😄😄


I am too

I remember 2 days ago when we only had 237 lol

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So there has been a lot of talk about liveries that people like and, a lot of them have been shared here. However Infinite Flight clearly isn’t fond of Business Aviation so my guess is that they will only add 15 or less liveries if they decide on the G650. I’ve gone through all the posts in this topic and I’ve picked out a few liveries that I think they should add because they are pretty baddie.

Gulfstream House (classic)


Gulfstream House (new)

N11AM (I love the anonymous vibe)

N313AG (the pearl blue just stands out)

Azerbaijan (they have a lot of them so why leave them out)

VP-CJJ (this one makes me laugh in a good way lol)

USAF (how could you not add this?)

Qatar Executive (they have a lot and it seems to be popular request)

N380SE (this is just so edgy and cool)

M-PLUS (I like the carbon fibre)

Wynn Las Vegas (this is one of the prettiest I’ve seen)

Tell me if I should add any others 😆🤟

Also, we need to get cabin lighting in this thing because the CRJ looks so cool with it and none of the other new planes have it 🤭

update there is a GIV for X-Plane 11 and its freeware. Gulfstream hasn’t copyrighted it yet. I think that’s because it is free and the flight model and graphics are really good. so if the G6 is free in IF I dont think we will have any problems. 😌


I need this in my life


Look at this awesome livery 💚💚🤍🤍

This plane need to be in IF BADLY


With the range and style of this thing and speed is incredible


Just took off from my home airport at 11:40PM…
I heard it.


From Cabo San Lucas (CSL) to Geneva (FT:10h21). Then from Geneva to somewhere.


That is so cool

Oml imma get one to fly me to Colorado.

I dont care that it’ll cost my car lol