Gulfstream G650

From what I’ve heard (bare in mind I am far from an expert), It seems other flight simulator developers have had some trouble gaining the right to use the aircraft in their app/simulator. I don’t have anywhere that I can back myself up in this regard but I was with that belief. There was some commotion in this thread about similar rules but I have only seen one example of their plane being used in flight simulators. I can definitely imagine there are more but it seems to be something worth thinking about.

Once again, I don’t have anywhere official but if you look earlier in the thread, there seem to be a few other people who also have expressed this concern.

Edit: I have been doing research of my own and found a quote from Gulfstream that could be of use:

“Gulfstream and the Gulfstream logo are among the trademarks and/or service marks owned by Gulfstream, and no trademark license (either express or implied) is granted by Gulfstream. This list is not exhaustive. Gulfstream owns other marks that are not included here.”

Credit: Gulfstream