Gulfstream G600

Gulfstream G600


Function meets comfort in the new Gulfstream G600. Flying at superior speeds and delivering the longest cabin in its class with an incomparable luxurious interior, the G600 boasts a flexible and accommodating design.

Designed to carry up to 19 passengers and sleep nine, the G600 advancements include wide-cabin comfort and cutting-edge technology, with industry-first active control sidesticks and touch-screen avionics interfaces. The G600 also features a new media system allowing up to 19 personal devices to stream while in flight.

The main cabin features single seats and divans that convert into beds, a multipurpose credenza, and adjustable conference tables. The interior of this deluxe aircraft focuses on providing working, living, dining, and relaxing areas for passengers. On top of extra headroom and leg space, the cabin provides a series of arrangements that can be tailored to fit the style of any owner.

It’s a nice plane but I rather see a crj rework first

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This doesn’t rival the CRJ though. That’s like a 747-100 request and me saying ‘yes that’s fine but I’d rather a Beechcraft Baron’


The CRJ is being reworked next. This is a request for after that has happened.

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Besides that it is a neat buissness jet


All the Gulfstream requests are so nice to see! The G550 is my second favorite plane after the 787.

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I would vote for this 100%. Only problem is I doubt it will ever come has Gulfstream doesn’t give licenses away to model there aircraft. Not one PC sim has a modeled gulfstreamsn


Welll… you pretty much got that rework…l just sayin’ it wouldn’t come before it (if it was added)

I suppose you’re right

Why not? Not a single IF aircraft is licensed…

Interesting. Then how can FDS legally make a legit model without buying the license from the aircraft manufacturer. If you want to discuss this further dm

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Deer you forgot this one

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Gulfstream has been one of the leaders in the business aviation market. For years, flight simulators and other avid aviation enthusiasts have wanted to use Gulfstream models in a flight simulators.

Unfortunately Gulfstream has made it very clear that they do not want their models to be used in flight simulators due to them being protective over branding and images that simulators may negatively portray. Infinite Flight has mentioned that they do not wish to swim in the muddy waters where legal battles may exist and have mentioned that they do not plan to add Gulfstream aircraft anytime soon.

Please understand that these aircraft cannot be added simply due to the wishes of the real world company/corporation and that we need to respect those decisions.

Note: For those that voted for this aircraft please utilize the returned vote you have casted and apply it to another aircraft. Thank you.