Gulfstream G550


Gulfstream G550 is a a business jet aircraft prduced by general dynamics intial cruising altitude of FL 400-410 it costs around 61.8 million unit cost makeing it one of the most expensive jets to own this has overtaken G500 with Ac 6200 nmi range but a better cabin and cockpit faster long range cruise and Low fuel burn

Specifications Crew 2 attendants
Capacity 14-19 passengers
Length 96 ft 5 in
Wingspan 93 ft 6 in
Height 25 ft 10 in
Empty weight 48,300 LB
Useful load 6,200 LB
Loaded weight 54,500 LB
Max takeoff weight 91,000 LB.
Maximum landing weight 75,300 LB.
Maximum fuel weight 41,300 LB
Engines 2X Rolls Royce BR710

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