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With a normal cruising range of 3,800 nautical miles, the G350 will fly from Washington, D.C., to Alaska, from Rio to Miami and from Sydney to Singapore-with eight passengers, two pilots and a flight attendant. At its maximum takeoff weight of 70,900 pounds, the G350’s twin Rolls-Royce Tay engines (13,850 pounds of thrust each) allow it to use runways as short as 5,050 feet (sea level) and climb to 41,000 feet in less than 20 minutes. The updated Tays are about as indestructible as jet engines come, with a recommended time between overhaul of 12,000 hours-about 30 years of average use. The engines also have been fitted with digital controls and tweaked to produce slightly more power and fuel efficiency. Big thrust reversers help bring the G350 to a quick stop, generally in less than 3,000 feet.

The Gulfstream 350 is one of the best performing and most accommodating midsize business jets in its class. Although it belongs in the smaller class of jets, many of its design features come directly from the larger, better performing aircraft such as the 450 and 550. Its fully-loaded cabin doesn’t hurt either.

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Yeah yes yes yes. This aircraft is amazing. Been inside it and heard the engines. Would love to fly this again in IF.


Yes, IMO the CCX is a bit bland. We need this in IF.


Yes, this is the type of aircraft I would really want to see a lot more. This plane looks very similar to the citation x, don’t quote me on that. I absolutely love these private jet looking planes because they are just so fun to fly with. I would love to vote for this, honestly, but unfortunately, due to the voting system I have ran out of votes. :( I’ve even ran out of likes!


Just another great GA Aircraft! :)


Yeah the C750 gets boring after a while

Haha I would like but I have no likes left


Good writing = more votes ;)

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If you decide to copy from Wikipedia, atleast remove the references (numbers in square brackets) Just put some effort…

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Just gonna bump this up

This and the G650 should be added.

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You‘ve got my vote for this awesome jet! 🛩🛫

FINNNAAALLLLLLLLY someone want the same thing as I do. This is what Infinite Flight Global needs to add to the collection of private jet planes (along with Cessna Citation X). We have enough of commercial planes for now, so why not the highly recommended Jet plane that is suitable for any trip around the world and spacious for passengers and comfortable. THIS IS WHAT WE NEEEEDDD!!! Lets Get it!

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