Gulfstream Aerospace G450 Business Jet

Definitely want more business jets in IF I really want to see the gulfstream fleet. We need more business jets.

You never know, maybe it could be allowed.

Doesn’t hurt to have 2. Currently there is 1 business jet in IF, as well as 5 (soon to be 6) long range commercial aircraft with similar range and passenger capacity.

It doesn’t hurt but with such a small development team why would you spend all that time and resources to bring something so similar to what we already have? I mean there’s definitely other business jets i’d like to see but in my opinion there needs to be bigger differences.

That’s the same way I feel about the A350 and B787 series.If those other planes are being added, we should have more business jets added too.

Yes there should be more but look at it like this. If they were to announce a new biz jet I would be excited but if it turned out to be an aircraft that turned out to be pretty much the same thing as the one we have then that would kill the hype a bit for me. But if they said that the new biz jet was something that was unique and had more differences then I would be more excited about that because it brings something new to the sim.

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To me, it’s not what the aircraft does, and how many of the aircraft in the game do that thing too, but it’s about each individual aircraft, and what that aircraft does. That’s why I want more GA aircraft added and reworked. One thing I strongly support is the reworking of all current aircraft that need it (including the C750) before any other aircraft is added.

I want the G450 in the game because I see them everywhere, and the are such beautiful aircraft.

I’d be happy with a full rework of the C750 as there are several issues with it but if I had to choose one aircraft to be added it would be the Dassault Falcon models!

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My Favorite

The 8X or the 900 would be great.

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Already voted!

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this type of aircrafts are just not popular in the community i think! Airliners and GA aircrafts are more popular.

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I think this addition would be great! Maybe it will steer people away from commercial aircrafts and gear then towards smaller more versatile jets.

Let’s get this in IF!

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Aaand this one too

rip in peace 😢🙏✌️

Just flag instead of bumping them after several years. Thanks.

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Gulfstream has been one of the leaders in the business aviation market. For years, flight simulators and other avid aviation enthusiasts have wanted to use Gulfstream models in a flight simulators.

Unfortunately Gulfstream has made it very clear that they do not want their models to be used in flight simulators due to them being protective over branding and images that simulators may negatively portray. Infinite Flight has mentioned that they do not wish to swim in the muddy waters where legal battles may exist and have mentioned that they do not plan to add Gulfstream aircraft anytime soon.

Please understand that these aircraft cannot be added simply due to the wishes of the real world company/corporation and that we need to respect those decisions.

Note: For those that voted for this aircraft please utilize the returned vote you have casted and apply it to another aircraft. Thank you.