Gulf stream Crew nearly get "Ghosted"....

This does relate to a realife incident, however I believe there are some good leaning points for all of us flying in the sim, especially those trying to keep it real on expert (or other servers!).

Recap a pilot taking off VFR took off and increased speed to 220kts, however as he was below 2500ft AGL should have kept speed to below 200kts (in fact for the specific departure plate they should have kept to 180kts).

Keeping below 200kts, whilst below 2500 AGL is a new one of me, but something new to add to the tool box as a virtual pilot.

If you have any intrest in flying realisticlly, as well as learning correct proceudres then I highly recommend that you check out the “boldmethod” website and get yourself signed up! It is full of well written arcticles on how you can improve your flying skills and was recommended by “SkyGod” @Maxmustang. To avoid being a peanut have a read and learn some new skills!

Every day is a school day!


“A good pilot is always learning.” - Captain Joe.

We all make mistakes, but it is how we learn and adapt to those mistakes that define your aviation skills.

Also, I wonder where @Maxmustang disappeared to.


Hmmm… Very interesting. Did he get banned from the expert server lol?

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I think the whole world we are in is more than just an “expert server.” XD


That article was very informational

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To be technical, the 200 KIAS below 2,500 AGL is for Charlie or Delta airspace, and is a suggestion not a rule. As quoted from the article:
Generally speaking, never accelerate to 200 knots until you’re above 2,500 feet AGL in Classs C or D airspace.

It’s a rule of thumb, however, if you’re under Bravo airspace, the speed restriction is 200 KIAS, as stated in FAR 91.117c


@Dubya is correct also the other more obvious rule is 250 knots BELOW 10,000 feet.

Just a heads up if you set your ALT select on 10,000 in infinite flight and go faster than 250 knots (Which is what we airline pilots do normally in real life) you will get a speed violation.

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Now that’s something new. Hey, I learned something.

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