Gulf Coast Zello ATC @ KPIE - 051248ZNOV16

Server: Casual

Region: SoFlo

Airport: KPIE

Time: 1248Z

Lets take a beautiful venture to the Gulf Coast of St. Petersburg… annnd have some Zello open up. My channel is Infinite Flight-CBaccari. This upcoming Saturday, we venture to the Gulf Coast. This event will last from 1248Z, until forty five minutes later at 1333Z. Hope to see you there. 👣💃🏼🛩✈️🛫🛬🏃🏻👣


Sorry but I cant come. I am at school at this time

I always change the event time so different time zones can join each time. Maybe next time, maybe not.

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Will you be doing tower,ground,and approach?And will you be using air charts? :)

No air charts, just ATC for any frequency in the entire SoFlo region.

Alright then mate I got,see you Saturday morning :)

Expect a visit from me :)

Could u do one for the time zone in Poland

To avoid unnecessary searching correct our good Friend @C_Baccari please feel free to tell us in which timezone your in.
Note: Events take place when the publisher hast time

This will take place at 1:45pm Poland time.

Two hours until start.

Event happening soon.

Hello, this is LOT 173, there was a guy clearly trolling around saying he’s AC then LOT. As I was trying to explain, you blocked me out from the channel, that’s kinda sad :( well have a good ATC round then:) and next time just make sure who’s the troll before blocking :)
This is what I said: Break, Break, Hello ground, this is LOT 173. That guy called before was not LOT173. I don’t think he’s here, he might be fooling around. That was not LOT 173; repeat, that was not LOT 173

I only blocked some guy who wouldn’t speak for twelve seconds.

Cheers, please take my feedback from the channel and get to learn your ATC skills a bit better.

Get to know your instructions a bit better and soon you’ll be perfect for the job.

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You blocked me as I was speaking;( I was blocked mid sentence :( 😂

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