Gulf Air & Royal Jordanian Suspend Iraq Flights

You probably know what happened yesterday. Try not to get political here, but these are the developing effects of the rising tensions in the region.


Gulf Air Suspends Iraq Flights Completely:

  • The airline operated a 5x weekly flight from its hub in Bahrain to Baghdad and a daily flight from Bahrain to Najaf.

Gulf Air PR:

Gulf Air, the National Carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, would like to inform its passengers that all flights arriving and departing from Baghdad and Najaf in the Republic of Iraq have been suspended until further notice, due to the safety and security situation in Iraq.
Gulf Air will provide its passengers with the latest developments as soon as the security situation improves and the National Carrier resumes its operations.
Accordingly, Gulf Air apologizes to its affected passengers for any inconvenience this may caused, which is beyond its control. The Airline continues to monitor the security situation in Iraq, where the safety and security of passengers and crew is its top priority.


Royal Jordanian Suspends Baghdad:

  • The airline operated Amman to Baghdad flights 18 times a week. Service has been cancelled immediately.
  • However, its flights from Amman to the other Iraqi cities, Najaf, Irbil and Basra, continue to operate normally.

Other major airlines that fly to Baghdad (Emirates, Qatar, Turkish, Saudi Arabian, etc.) have not made any cuts at the moment.

(Image credits to Gulf Air/Royal Jordanian)

Hopefully everyone in the region’s safe amidst these tensions, and hopefully nothing crazy happens with aviation around the area.


Don’t think anything big will happen in aviation around these areas, but I think it’s possible some other airlines will suspend services to Iraq, as well as Iran due to political tension as well, and not going to get “too political” but the U.S. has urged their citizens to leave Iraq immediately, so I think other airlines leaving these countries is inevitable.

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It’s still operating…?

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It was a temporary suspension

For just a couple days? Seems odd to me 🤷🏻‍♂️

So what would you suggest then?

I’m not suggesting anything, I’m just saying they cancelled all their flights for just around 4 days and I think that that’s odd…

Especially now with new information about the Ukraine airlines flight, I’d have thought they wouldn’t have flown through this area or to it.

If so many airlines continue to normally fly to Tehran and over Iranian airspace after what happened, Baghdad doesnt seem too odd to me

No more missiles have been fired so it’s ok for the time being.

A lot have either completely ended service there, or stopped flying through the airspace. That’s why it’s odd to me.

Yes, but I just find it odd that so many airlines have completely ended service to these countries but some are operating it like nothing ever happened.

Because Iran claimed they shot the plane down by mistake when firing at the Iraqi Air base other country’s believe they won’t be targeted because they have no involvement.

For starters QR won’t end service to Tehran anytime soon. The Diplomatic relations these two nations have strengthened over the year that Qatar has been blocked does play a major role in this. Now Politics aside, EK recently cancelled their flight to Tehran, while QR will flies. There is a market, and QR, doesn’t seem to see any risk or danger of flying to Iran as of now, despite recent events, and thus the market says there’s a demand of passengers wanting to fly to Tehran, it benefits them. Although, one would say, benefit and profit is lost if a tragedy were to occur again, (God Forbid), but since the there aren’t any imminent threat even though PS752 went down, it is safe to say, many airlines will still fly under their own will, since the airspace isn’t banned by international law or organization prohibiting airlines to fly there but a strong recommendation to be cautious of the current situation and circumstances, to be advised to not fly there unless completely necessary.

As fro flights to Baghdad, the threat of anything going wrong has been there at all time high since 2003, when all of this ever began, so to say, yes, in recent days there has been and still is a heighten tension and threat, but regardless of when you may would’ve travelled to Baghdad ion past 17 years, there was always this great risk of you being put in a place where you’d be in a life or death situation with minimal time to make any action to survive.

I’ll say, I would say to airlines to be notified about the current circumstances, how things are, to avoid the airspace for their own safety, but if they wish to fulfill the demand of the market in the region as of now, still, after the events that has unfolded, then they may do so, but should be aware of the risk they are taking. Some may argue that there isn’t a exactly direct threat, and even though there necessarily isn’t, and I believe that all parties at this point have understood most of the story revolving around PS752, we can conclude with a grain of salt, that the stability of the area is like a ship in a storm, but with more caution taken by each government after what has happened, I wouldn’t think that the threat that was in the air and ground a few days ago, still does to the same extent of level of danger anymore.

Anything can happen anytime, and therefore till things have become more stable and calm, I would not recommend or think that anyone should fly in and out of countries whom has found themselves in hostile environment and situation, this for every passengers safety, airlines should refrain from entering the airspaces under instability. But operating to and from Tehran and Baghdad, still doesn’t oppose that major of risk as many believe it to be, but most airlines, are better safe then sorry, especially after what has happened, people will be on their own highest alert when flying to and from these airports and over these airspaces.

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