Gulf Air its death throes!

Gulf Air has incurred significant losses during the previous years, where after a sixty-six year of the founding of the Gulf Air has become a heavy burden and drain hundreds of millions from the state treasury without achieving any accrued profits.


why don’t just retire the airline now if it’s going that bad?


Pray for Gulf Air🇧🇭 How bad is the airline now?

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cuz it is the national carrier of Bahrain


To go to New York they have to stop at London and codeshare with American…

I remember in the early 00s, they were big - like a mini Emirates.

Then Emirates caught up and they fell too far behind the curve and the growth of Qatar and Etihad has them cornered. Sad.

They can always reduce their fleet and focus on their rich Persian neighbours.

Most of the good routes in GF is the Middle east, especially Gulf region

they only have 320, 321, 330 and future 787

They can cancel the 787, retire the A330 and keep the A320/21.

such a gorgeous executive looking livery

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1, they have long routes
2. it is not simple as you think, retiring the A330 and cancelling 787 will destroy the company

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Gulf air is not really disaster, There are much worse airlines, like Kuwait, Saudia…etc
i think that gulf air is standing up again slowly

Lol you have killed Saudia and Kuwait Airlines.

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