Gulf Air B777-300ER

This plane could could be added to the reworked 777

  • Yes we need this
  • no we don’t need it

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Why? We can now see people who voted on poles :)


Poles and polls… Oh come on! 😂


These were temporary aircraft leased from jet Airways. These were given back in 2010.

Nice livery.

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WOW, I didn’t know about this livery! MUST HAVE

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The request will be more prioritised by the more likes it has, not by poll votes :-)

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But if someone says that we don’t need it, why would they like the post? No one should oppose this request anyway 😜


Yeah, it is pretty awesome! Hope it gets added… Let’s wait and see 👍😍

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Ah. That’s explains the Indian flag.

I didn’t even relise that Gulf Air have B77W. It will be a nice addition!

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Leased ma

Leased macam low profile liddat 😜

Something like CEB A333 and AirBerlin A333

And some of EY’s B77W ;)

It’s a nice addition of B77W’s though

It’s a must have planeeee

Gulf Air callsign is not available in ATC sound !!, i hope to add it soon

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@Abdulrhman990 see my post here :)

Absent/Missing Callsigns Revised

nice livery . It’s will be a nice addition

I love the a321 already❤❤❤ i don’t know what I’ll do to this…fly it all day✌

Nice Livery!

Great Livery!

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We need this! Everything about it is beautiful.

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