Gulf Air Aircrafts

It would be great to see the Gulf Air A330-200 aircraft added, in addition the A330-200 series must be added or B787-9 Dreamliner of which they will take delivery this April.
Gulf Air is a relatively small carrier serving out of Bahrain , and has faced a lot of up’s & down’s from major ME carriers such as Etihad, Emirates, Qatar airways etc.
This will be major addition to IF since we can start long haul routes service with this aircraft.
As of now the only available aircraft to Gulf Air in IF is A321-200.
Hope to see this being added to the future fleet of IF.
Which one would you like to see in Gulf air fleet next?

  • B787-9 Dreamliner
  • A330-200(grand prix livery)

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Credits (photos):GulfAirMedia

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It could be either of them that’s what the poll is for.

Adding on to the above, both of these aircraft have been requested before

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Ok got it , but at least the vote would be helpful.