Gulf Air A320neo [New Livery]

Gulf Air’s A320neo(s)

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Gulf Air released a new livery in April 2018 and started repainting many of their aircraft! So when their first A320neo was delivered in August 2018, it was already repainted! I believe this livery looks amazing and should be in Infinite Flight!

Gulf Air operates mostly out of their hub, Bahrain. They currently operate the A330-200, A321ER, A320, A320ER, 787-9, and the A320neo! From London to Dubai, Gulf Air serves many countries around the globe!

Make sure to let me know whether or not you like this livery!

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Gulf Air:

The A320neo:

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This should go along with the a320neo feature thread. A specific livery is does not need to be requested separately.

I think it can as when one aircraft is requested, it is not necessary the developers know about this livery, so it brings it to their attention. That is what I believe.

If the topic is unneeded though, moderators can close it then.


Interesting livery. I would consider this when/if they release the NEO version.

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Just a bump!

Vote for this aircraft if you want it!

Beautiful livery. Too bad the IF still does not have the A320Neo.


Yes, it is a great livery! Once the A320neo is added, or has been announced to be added, I hope you’ll vote for it!

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Thanks @Expert_King557, @KhalidQahtani and @Thyago_Barbosa for voting!

staying in this island for more than over 15 years and have seen this airline go through many up’s and down you definitely have my vote for this livery. Currently the airline is undergoing restructure and seeing it do well now i think IF deserves this livery. Have my vote!

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Thanks for your vote and support!

And thanks for voting @StarAllianceVirtual and @AirIndiavirtual!

Little Bump!
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Looks cool!

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Thanks for voting @Eugene_Gunnar_Conrad!

It’s nice and cool the new livery 👍

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Thanks for your vote!

Also, thanks for voting @Andreas_Chr_Folmer!

It’s now been just over a year since Gulf Air received their first A20N!

Wouldn’t you love to see this aircraft in Infinite Flight?

Very nice livery and you get my vote (If I would have any free… 😔)

Also, can you explain some things about this “New aircraft”? 😉

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Gulf Air’s website shows the A320ER, so I simply copied down what it said ;)

Oh, I get it. Thanks for saying!

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