Gulf air 787-9 livery

Since the addition of the new liveries to the 787-9 such as the Turkish airlines livery, I was wondering if there was any reason as to why they didn’t add the gulf air livery especially since It was highly requested.

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The Turkish 787 request had over 4x the votes compared to the Gulf Air livery. I’m not sure if I’d consider 14 votes highly requested, especially compared to some like the ANA 77W with over 225.

The best answer is every livery, no matter if it’s used 1000x or 1x, takes up storage space, granted, not as large as say 3D buildings, but it still takes up space. I guess we could have every single livery, but I prefer for my device not to have a spontaneous combustion because how much is being ran. With this in mind, the developers have to choose the best liveries with the space available for them and the time they have, so they of course have to look at demand among other factors, and votes are a part of that.

There was a lovely post in the ANA 77W thread taking about this from philippe, who is a staff member, feel free to take a look at the post!

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