Hi, hello.

I was flying in expert server in last 06/29/2019 and I went reported.

I´d like to know why I was reported, not to make the same mistake.

Can you help me?

I am very grateful for your attention.

I think this application is Fantastic and I intent to reach the best levels.

Best Regards.

Alvaro A Fernandes F

You should get a reason as to why you were reported when you were reported/ghosted, and the report will go away after a week, my suggestion, is if you have no idea, go #tutorials and read everything that has to do with using ATC, taxing, takeoff, all the good stuff


Welcome to the forum. We are glad to have you here.

If you would like to know the reason why you were reported, open your logbook, where it says “1 Report” open it and the name of the controller will show up. The next step will be to search him here, in the community. Due to your low Trust Level though, you are not able to message anyone yet. For this reason, once you get to know the controllers name, let us know below and I will ping the controller to message you.

If you were reported by the system, just let us know the reason and I am sure someone will link useful tutorials.



Also, please avoid posting private information like your email to the community. Who knows what somebody would do with it.

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