Guidelines and Flagging: A Reminder

Flagging Guideline Reminder

It seems about time for a gentle reminder about how to use the flagging feature on this forum. The feature is designed to aid moderators in their ability to keep the forum running in a smooth and reasonable fashion. All flags are given consideration when dealt with, and many are double checked by the moderators behind the scenes if there is any disagreement.

So what should be being flagged?

Below is the list of options you are given when thinking about flagging a post. A few of the options are obvious as to the things classified in the option. However, a few things are sometimes a little vague for members.

  • Off-topic posts are those that are completely unrelated to the conversation, or when members have a conversation that is best taken to PM

  • Inappropriate flags are those which violate the community guidelines. However since written, there are many additional guidelines in place. If you are wondering about whether to flag or not, please search the #meta category to see if we have guidelines in place already

  • Spam includes any promotional material placed in an incorrect context. Recently, this has been #live:va advertisements that are not needed, however, it also includes #live:events and any promotional material unrelated to the topic

  • If the flag reason is unrelated to this, please use the something else option. Do not flag something as spam or inappropriate if they are actually misc, as we take that into consideration when dealing with the flag. Abuse of the 20 character rule falls under the something else category.

What should you not flag or do with the flagging option?

Unnecessary flagging has been rising on the forum recently, so it is important you know what not to flag. Generally, the main issues are around flagging for words that are in no way offensive to the vast majority of the forum, words such as ‘suck’ or ‘bloody’ are some of the most common. However, there are things not to do or reasons not to flag other than just these issues:

  • Personal disagreements. These are the most common types of unnecessary flags. A different opinion is not offensive, and as long as it is put across in the correct manner should not be flagged. This includes, but is not limited to, opinions on liveries, forum policy ideas, complex IFATC queries/questions and so forth

  • Flags from a long time ago. We get flags from 2015 often and it is not needed at all. Back then, rules were different and we had a much smaller forum so the feel of the community was different. As long as it is not offensive in any way, please do not bother to flag it. Issues such as bypassing the 10/20 character rule is a good example of what not to flag from the early forum days

  • PM debates. If someone messages you wanting to discuss, in a pleasant manner, an issue with behaviour or topic creation, please do not flag this. People are entitled to want to discuss actions on the forum in a polite manner, and being questioned for how you are acting is not offensive. If you feel the need to flag these PM’s, you are probably doing something wrong as you cannot politely defend yourself

  • Misc issues. If a good debate or conversation starts relating to say a feature request, it is not off topic to discuss the history or story around the request. We actually encourage this kind of productive discussion and would welcome it over “OMG yes this livery is amazing” comments with no productive value.

  • Old Posts. Please do not flag older posts for the sake of flagging it. If it is dormant, let it be.

  • Answered Questions. Just because a question has been answered does not mean the post needs to be flagged for closure. Oten times the OP has not had a chance to confirm the solution or there is still outstanding information needed.

  • Posts with moderator/staff activity. If you see that a moderator/staff member is actively working a thread, please do not flag it for closure. You can see that it is being worked, let them handle it.

Why are my questions about application updates being deleted?

Great question! The only people that know about the updates are the developers. They will post messages on the forum and other social media outlets as they get closer to releasing it. Asking when the update will be, what features are includes, and what planes/liveries will be included will be flagged and deleted. Everything is speculation until confirmed in an official post online. Speculation escalates and spreads like wildfire so we try to keep it to a minimum.

So to finish, flags are not to be used as a personal attack on the person as Philippe notes below, and equally when flagged are not to be taken personally. This is especially true if you are flagged for breaking the guidelines. You are flagged for this alone and not because you think you are being targeted. We do also give warnings and suspensions for repeat offenders with the flagging feature if they continue to abuse it, so keep this in mind. Please continue to use the flagging feature to its full, however, do not waste our time flagging comments that do not break any guidelines.

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Great post Misha! I hope this can be a guide for us in order to flag a post in the right way. And this can be a reminder for us to think twice before flagging 😊


Great topic.

Can you customize the popup shown by introducing a ‘Duplicate Topic’ option? That’d be really useful.


Is there a way to dispute flags? Like if you get flagged for no good reason, can you dispute it and discuss it?


You can always discuss it with us whenever

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@Matthew_Harrison @Brandon_Sandstrom So much for polite discussion via PM? Do I have to teach you guys the alphabet so you can actually read my post?


Bumping to highlight some clarifications made… Please review the flagging guidelines. Thank you for your continued help to keep our space tidy.