Guided virtual tours- offical thread

Hllow IFC!
IF is a great simulator, most of it is about the global update. But you can see IF from another perspective: awsome way to discover the world.
Now lets say I am from france and I live nerbay the Mont Blanc which is an amazimg scenery spot and I know a lot about it, and you are for example from UK and you didnt visit the Mont Blanc but you would like to see it.
So the british guy can join a tour and when the guide will be the French guy. The french guy will explain him and show him the Mont Blanc.
Lets say I am from Israel and I announce in the comments here that I am making a tour above the south and the dead sea. and you want to join so you just have to PM me and join the group.
everyone which thinks that his local area is intresting and people would love to see it needs to PM me and I will write here the date and the location of the tour and people will just have to reserve a place.

maximun 1 hour tour
ALT: always 20000
SPEED: below 10000 250 KTS, above 10000 290 KTS.

NEXT TOUR: Israel, spawn at LLBG with E175 and land in LLET. 29SEP 1700Z

thank you!

Sorry about my English… hope to understand me!

Hey! I’m not sure this idea quite warrants its own thread. Feel free to create events for this sort of thing over in the #live:events category.