Guide to Where to Fly During Hurricane Dorian (Also kind of became a thread)

Guide to Where to Fly During Hurricane Dorian

As you may know hurricane Dorian (Category 5) is hitting the United States. I know some of you will enjoy deadly weather so I did some research and here are the best places to fly during the hurricane.

I used these following sources for my research:
abc news

Here is an image that I thought was the best to reference out of the sources that I used.

Marsh Harbour International (MHH/MYAM)

(Best to experience the peak of hurricane)
Best experience at 2019-09-01T15:00:00Z
This airport is literally in the middle of the hurricane when it hits, that means to expect deadly weather. Not only is it deadly but probably the most deadly it gets because once it hits Florida it is expected to die down. So the Bahamas is the best bet. Furthermore this airport is the busiest airport when the storm hits peak. However, even if the airport is the busiest in the area, the only flights out Delta offers flight on CRJ700 to Atlanta and American operates E-Jets to Charlotte and Miami. If that airport is crowded (I doubt it would) Use Freeport which only American also operates flights to Miami via E-Jets (MYGF) and other airports like MYAT and MYGW (Both do not have commercial flights) (Nassau will have conditions that are a bit lower)

Nassau Lynden Piddling Airport (NAS/MYNN)

(Best to fly Commercial Flights)
Best experience at 2019-09-01T15:00:00Z
Only slightly weaker, the airports serve to many destinations. Nassau serves destinations as far as to Toronto and Houston. Highly recommend here if you wanna attempt to save the last remaining people… Credit to @Kaj

Conclusion Go to the northern Bahamas

Also, since this hurricane is really unpredictable, use

Please note that some of the information may be wrong. If that is true please let me know. I have done my best research

Forgot to add this, thanks @Bravo59
Stay safe, Americans!


Very helpful! Thanks for posting!


Thanks for the info, this can be useful. But prayers go out to all the people affected by the hurricane!


Thank you so much. After I posted my random flight article I was kinda doubtful of this would also be helpful too…

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I’ll be sure to try and fly there and see what it is like with all kinds of planes, can’t wait.

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hmm… will winds be strong enough to get a hovering C172


Possibly… maybe at the peak…

It will be interesting to see q400 landing attempts.


Can someone pm me for tips of how to come in because I would like to fly there but I’m scared of me crashing

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There are some crosswind landing tutorials around. You need to put your nose into the wind to stay centered, and use rudder to straighten out during the flare (usually at 10 agl callout).

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Ruh-Roh… I signed up for a flight to TTPP tmrw from KIAH for the event. I will probably fly over Cuba and some of the DR. 😬😬 lol


I’ve never seen a guide to hurricanes before, how original!

I’ll be sure to check out both of the airports :D


Very helpful! I’m gonna fly in it… while waiting for it to hit me


Good luck surviving…

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I feel bad for the people living on the coast. It’s gonna hit us at like a 2 probably or the worst 3


I’m at Embry-Riddle right now and let me tell you, watching all the private jets and the entire training fleet leave the airport before the storm is pretty frightening! I wouldn’t want to be flying in this storm! 😂


Brings back memories of Irma. Be aware the track for the U.S is quite uncertain due to the jet stream and Bermuda high. I think it will brush the coast but I want to see it drive inward towards us in Charlotte. Might wanna edit this as we get updates cuz the track is probably gonna change a lot

@Joseph_Spinner it looks crazy on FR24. Would of thought it was an IF event but it’s a massive wave of GA’s


This is a scary hurricane, it’s uncertain where it will go after it hits Florida. Well, I hope everyone stays safe.


Nah it’s probably not going to hit us

Edit: umm actually it’s heading towards us… help me lol (being sarcastic here)

At this point could hit anyone

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