Guide to Trim

Hey IFC,

I was wondering if anyone knows of or has a ‘guide to trim’ for reference? Trim is something that is definitely not my specialty, and I would really like to be able to learn how to use it correctly! - Thanks!


Mark Denton also has an older tutorial posted which is more IF-specific.


Thanks for the topic!

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Will try that out. Thanks!

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You’re always controlling pitch to either:
hold an airspeed or a vertical speed goal (depending on throttle).

Pitch control requires constant precision muscle forces to overcome pressure of air moving across control surfaces. And these forces change depending on aircraft speed and load (and flaps and gear).

Conscious attention to varying precision forces = muscle/mental fatigue

Trim “dials in” a small air deflection device to oppose the air pressure of your needed control surface deflection. It is your “muscle pressure removal” device.

Trim is like a “mechanical cruise control” for holding pitch. As long as speed and all is stable, you can be nearly “hands off”.

In infinite flight, your muscles obviously can’t feel the air deflection forces. Instead the forces on your muscles are interpreted as changing the neutral tilt angle position of your device to simulate the “muscle force awareness fatigue.”

You trim in IF to take out the drift in the neutral tilt angle position.


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