Guide to the Community

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community

Hello and welcome to the Infinite Flight Community. We are proud of the diversity and knowledge of our members, and are so glad that you have decided to join too. There are endless opportunities to discover, learn and contribute - from tutorials guiding you through Infinite Flight step by step, to voting for future features you want to see in-app, to events where you can fly with your friends!

We would love to see you contribute and take part, but before you do, we recommend just taking a moment to read this guide to become familiar with how our community works.

On behalf of Infinite Flight, welcome to our community!

Community Rules

Each category of the IFC will have an “About” page that will highlight the purpose of the category, who can post, and any specific rules. As well as this, we ask that you always follow our “Community Rules” below to help keep this an inclusive and safe environment:

Community Rules
Community Rules
1. English must be used at all times unless in consensual DMs or the #support sub-categories #support:francais and #support:espanol
2. This is an Infinite Flight community and not a general aviation forum. Posts outside of the #real-world-aviation category should always be related to Infinite Flight
3. Always be respectful and civil. Do not post anything that could be considered offensive, abusive, hateful, obscene or sexually explicit
4. Never post (publicly or privately) someones private data without their consent
5. No advertising of links/services in exchange for money or giveaways/competitions with monetary prices (the only exception to this is properly developed add-on apps in the #thirdparty category that are specific to Infinite Flight)
6. No topics or public comments that contain private links (such as to a private Discord server)
7. Comments must always be relevant to the original topic, off-topic discussion is not permitted
8. You are only permitted one account per person. If you forget your login details, please use the I forgot my password function on the login screen
9. If you want to create a topic, always use the search function first to check that someone else has not already made it. Duplicates are not permitted
10. Titles of topics should always be relevant and concise (there may be specific rules on title formatting in some categories)
11. Check that any media used is public/non-copyright and include a link to the original source (e.g. charts that require a subscription such as Jeppesen cannot be used)
12. Don’t include things in the titles that can be added with a tag
13. No party political slogans, photos, or other media or text in any profile
14. No party political figures in profile media, including, but not limited to, real-life photos, drawings, or illustrations
15. No party political motivated statements designed to target, insult, harass, or discriminate against any group, person, or persuasion, in threads, profiles, or in non-consensual direct messages
16. No guns, knives, or other weapons in profile media
17. No Confederate flags in profile media
18. No spamming (i.e. creating multiple topics in one or more categories about the same subject)

Any community member that is found to not follow these rules can expect to be handled in accordance with our Forum Suspension Table.

How to use the Forum

  • Using the Forum
    The IFC uses a platform called Discourse, use this guide to help you get started on how the forum works.

Support and Help

  • Support FAQ
    Check out our Support FAQ in case you need technical support.

  • User Guide
    If you have questions regarding settings in Infinite Flight, just want to know how to get flying or any other in-app related queries, have a look at our User Guide!

  • Inquiring about Violations
    If you receive an in-app violation whilst flying, you can appeal it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact a Moderator?

To find a list of our Moderators, please click here. You can also send a PM to @moderators.

As a new user, what are my limitations?

As a new user to the forum, you start as Trust Level 0 (TL0). Your first few posts must be approved by Moderators. As a TL0 user, you are not allowed to post in some categories, make sure to check the “About” page at the top of each category that will tell you “who can post”.

How do I get to Trust Level 2 (TL2)?

Keep reading, posting, liking, and following the guidelines and you’ll get there in no time! Also, be sure to search for any similar existing posts before making your own, in order to avoid making a duplicate topic. You can find out more information about trust levels here.

How can I format my topic?

Have a look at this topic. It explains some of the key formatting features of the IFC.
How to use the IFC

I have an idea for a feature?

All feature requests should be posted in the #features category. You must be TL2 to post in this category and must search before creating it in case someone else has already requested the same feature.

I have a cool Infinite Flight photo or video I would like to post?

Our community members have captured some truly amazing screenshots! Do you have one as well? Photos can be posted in the #screenshots-and-videos category!

I have a cool YouTube channel, where can I post that?

There is an existing thread for Community YouTube Channels

I would like to start a Virtual Airline (VA)

VAs are governed by the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board (IFVARB). This group manages the applications and list of approved VA databases. More details can be found here.

How can I become a member of Expert server IFATC?

To control on the expert server you must meet certain criteria along with the passing of a written and practical (controlling) exam. All of the requirements and procedures can be found on the IFATC Recruiting thread.

Where can I find the tutorials?

All tutorials can be found in the #ground-school category! The subcategory #ground-school:community-tutorials features tutorials created by fellow community members.

Also check out our User Guide

What about free speech?

Freedom of speech, as defined under the first amendment of the United States of America, protects people from government censorship. The Infinite Flight forum is a forum operated by a private company, and you sign up to it by agreeing to the terms of service. This permits Staff to have the ability to set the parameters of what is and isn’t considered acceptable in a discussion, on profiles, and in other spaces on the IFC.

I feel these rules are attacking my identity. Why can't I be who I am?

Politics can be a passion for people, and this can be deeply polarizing in groups of individuals. While users may identify strongly as political experts, and while it may be a big part of your life, we ask that you keep them off of the Infinite Flight forum. As previously mentioned, this site exists to discuss and enjoy Infinite Flight with others. Other chat mediums or political forums are recommended for users who would like to discuss their views together.

Does this mean I can say whatever I want in DMs?

While you are free to discuss party politics in consensual DMs, the forum rules, privacy policy, and terms of service still apply. The use of strong language or anything else that trigger automatic flags will still be in place to keep our community safe. Sometimes, discussing politics leads to bullying, or at the very least, offending someone for what they believe. We recommend using extreme caution and urge you to take these types of conversations elsewhere. For a reminder of who can read DMs, and when and why they are read, see here.

I feel that a ban on weapons in profile media is attacking my second amendment rights. Why can you do this?

The second amendment of the United States Constitution details the right to bear arms. This is an Infinite Flight forum, and a ban on weapons in profile media is far removed from the reality of owning and using weapons in your personal life. This rule does not infringe upon your right to own or use a weapon in your personal life, and thus the second amendment does not extend to profile photos on a flight simulator based forum.

Why has the Confederate flag been highlighted?

The meaning of things changes over time, and we have to consider the current meaning and situation of the flag. Whilst a select few may see it as a historic statement, many across the world see it as a symbol of hate and white supremacy. This does not mean the use of the flag is automatically racist, nor is the person using it, however within the context of this Infinite Flight forum, the perceived and widespread global symbol of the flag is something that does not align with the ideals of Infinite Flight.

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