Guide to the Cessna 172

Hello, Im Hamza and today i bring to you a guide i made on how to fly the immortal Cessna 172 in infinite flight! image

Basic instruments

Enlarge the pic to read properly

This shows about every basic instrument in the cockpit, Pretty fun to fly while only using those!

Takeoff procedure

Flaps : 0
Trim : Your Liking
Flight plan
Strobe lights
Landing lights


Set throttle to max
Rotatè at 50-60knts
Fly runway heading until above 300 feet
Continue flight

Tips and tricks

Keep your hands on the rudder since the plane starts sliding in even the slightest of winds

landing procedure

Flaps : full
Trim : to your liking

tips and tricks

Make sure you are below 70knts if you dont want a bouncy landing
Use the camera angle trick mentioned below to be more visual

Camera angle trick

Use the interior cam to move your camera to @Laura ‘s head and zoom out

This is the cockpit cam, now switch to one of the interior cams and move to lauras head

What the

Done! And dont worry interior cam saves automatically so every time you switch it will be in the same position

Heres the amout of difference it makes:

Before, i was on approach to klax from ksmo but i cant even see the airport


Livery Panel
Civil Air Patrol Steam Gauge
Default Steam Gauge
Embry Riddle G1000
F-HATZ G1000
N1322K G1000
N456DX G1000
Near North Aviation Steam Gauge
Yellow Blue Steam Gauge
Credits to @TRDubh

Happy flying!😊

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Nice post! Although, typically you would have flaps 30 degrees (F) for landing.

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Fixed it! What else should i add

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Nice guide! I think this goes in the #ground-school section though!


It would be flaps 10 for soft field takeoff

It would be amazing if a staff member does that

It usually makes it stall in my opinion, you usually have to lift off at 80 knts if with flap 10 to avoid stalling

Flaps add more lift, though…? Yes, speeding up will be more difficult but it should, in theory, make taking off easier.

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Well from my experience i usually have more problems in flaps specially in the part when the plane starts to skid

Great guide! love flying from Paulo Alto to Half Moon Bay 15 min flight if that but really fun.

Yeah! I love flying around using the instruments rather than the panels or the ui and it feels realistic and fun.

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This is an awesome guide!

Thanks hope it helps you some time

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How come the turn coordinator, attitude indicator, and tachometer aren’t getting any love?

The plane shouldn’t be skidding. If this happens then you are probably missing a crosswind correction. As for the flaps, that is directly from the c172 POH

I said basic instruments to help fly for beginners
And you can understand what a turn cordinator is just by reading it

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Yes it skids even with the slightest of velocity winda

I heard from real pilots that they usually take off with 0 flaps

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also, you can change the category itself. it is the job of @moderators to ensure the topic is appropriate for this category though.

just helping!

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