Guide to German Aircraft Registrations

Hey everyone!

So I’ve recently seen quite a few people using German registrations on the servers. Germany has a pretty unique system when it comes to aircraft registrations and I thought it’d be nice to know for everyone who is trying to make his/her IF experience as realistic as possible ;)

D-AXXX: All aircrafts with an MTOW of more than 20 tons

D-BXXX: All aircrafts with an MTOW between 14 and 20 tons

D-CXXX: All aircrafts with an MTOW of 5,7-14 tons

D-EXXX: All single engine aircrafts up to 2 tons

D-FXXX: All single engine aircrafts with 2-5,7 tons

D-GXXX: All multi engine aircrafts with up to 2 tons

D-HXXX: is used for all helicopters

D-IXXX: All multi engine aircrafts with 2-5,7 tons

D-KXXX: for all TMGs (Touring Motor Gliders) or gliders with an auxiliary engine.

D-LXXX: for airships such as the Zeppelin or a blimp

D-MXXX: Ultralight aircrafts (below 472,5kgs)

D-NXXX: Paragliders etc.

D-OXXX: Hot Air Balloons

D-1234: Gliders

Hope this “guide” will make it easier for you to decide which D- reg. to use when you are flying next time.




Good thread. However I would put this in #real-world-aviation!

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Noticed back in Frankfurt-am-main Airport some Lufthansa Airbus A380’s with its back registrations. Nice topic. Some good information.

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Thank you ;)

Thanks for your guide. Never have I noticed such pattern!

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I used to live in England where the tail number of my favourite plane to do lessons in was G-TSDC, now I live in Germany so I changed it to D-TSDC, never knew about this system so thanks for informing me!! I’ll change mine to D-ESDC now!

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It’s pretty unique actually. I think only Switzerland has something a bit similar, but not as strictly categorized.

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