Guide to Bug Posts

I’m not completely sure everyone will agree with this but it seems people are a little over the edge about bugs.

There are some simple little things people point out and are completely unnoticed, or not even a “bug”.

Things like:

  • Little Livery Details: (Some people post threads about small unnoticed details on liveries that aren’t there)

  • Unnoticed: (there some people who post threads about bugs which 99% of us don’t even see.)

  • Building up: (some people post threads about bugs which you have to recreate by doing stupid things)

Appropriate/good bug posts are:

  • Airport problems

  • Major aircraft faults

  • App Crashing and system bugs

Come on guys just be happy with the simulator, It’s good to let people know, but sometimes it’s a little petty…

Most importantly you must give solid proof for your claimed bug.

Happy Landings!


You also always need to have an exact repro when possible

Do you mean to this thread or others…? I didn’t want to add others posts on this thread since it might embarrass a few.

When reporting a bug

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Ah yep I’ll add it in

I don’t know, I always see the little details, because they also matter.

Let’s say for example, making a thread because you spotted a little bit of blue in the exhaust.

That sort of petty @ItsPerses

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I made a thread for a plane having the wrong engines, that is pretty small, but I think it’s still something that could be changed.

@ItsPerses if it’s majorly “outlined” or noticed than it fits inside this section…

It’s not noticed at all, just something I myself noticed when playing IF, I even contacted the exterminator for help!

You must have a pretty good knowledge and sight than, ha ha

I guess that’s true xD (Not really)