Guide points and approach lights.

Now we have live cockpit on the a320 family most people will be flying without hud. This means unless you use APPR it is going to be fairly tricky to land. My idea is that if we add these in not only will landings be more realistic they will also be easier when not using hud.

Cool idea be sure to vote for your feature request 👍🏽😁I definitely support this buddy

Yep just did that 😀

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Sorry, I’m a little confused. Are you requesting PAPI lights or runway lights?

The guide lights pilots follow before the runway. I think that’s PAPI?

The PAPI lights are the four lights you see on the side of the runway. I think you mean the approach lights.

Yeah after your explanation I mean approach lights

We were typing at the same time, so I wasn’t able to see your reply. Will delete my post if it makes you feel better, though.

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If you’re talking about Approaching Light System, oh yes you have my vote…

Already exists

Discussion within this topic is still fresh.


Yes I am it would help landings

Should I take it down