Guidance on Chart Use

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Recently we have had an influx of topics using charts from providers that are pay-to-use and are not licensed for sharing. This has lead to several tutorials having to be closed and unlisted.

We have now changed the rules for additional clarity on this.

This is a useful resource for finding publically available IAPs for your topics. Registration may be required for some sources, and we encourage you to always check the licenses before using them. We do not officially endorse this source.

Posts using these non-public charts will be rejected by moderators and will not be accepted. Please double check your content before submitting, and thanks for all the contributions!

Your staff and moderation team.


Thank you for this again Misha!

Thank you Misha!

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Sorry if this sounds stupid or obvious, but what’s the issue with sharing charts? Say I have a Navigraph subscription (I don’t) and my friend can’t find charts for a certain airport on the internet and then asks me for some which I have, why is this such an issue? I’m just helping him out…
How can these companies even find out these charts are being shared here on IFC?

Hi Philippe,

If you had a subscription, it would most likely be a personal subscription which means you are paying for access to the charts for personal use only. Sharing these with anyone else would be in violation of the terms you would have agreed to when making the purchase.

Of course we aren’t here to police what you choose to share with other people privately, but on the forum we have to protect the company and community members from any copyright issues.

Hope that helps, thanks!

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If the charts are freely available online, can you use them? For instance, can I share this link?

Often if you can find the chart online, you may share it. It’s just copyright issues for when you pay for a subscription and then share the charts. You could send it in PMs, but I wouldn’t suggest that. So yes, you may share that chart.

Hey for those looking for airport maps of airports within the United States. It maybe easier to provide a screenshot of the information as the federal government recently changed regulations on how the navigation data is shared. I have found most main stream sites to have either no information or outdated information especially with regard to airport maps and approach plates.

Not necessarily, just because something is being shared freely online does not mean that it should be. You would need to check the original source first, including whether there are any restrictions on it being shared. Thanks

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Thanks Misha for the info

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