GUI missing after exiting app

I’m currently flying a long flight when the WiFi went out. I went to the settings app, and when I came back, all the GUI is gone. I can’t click on anything, and I am stuck in this camera mode, but I can rotate the camera. This is upsetting because I can’t land now.


It is recommend that you do not exit the app at all, is the HUD frozen aswell or is it just the camera?

I can’t click anything, however I can rotate the camera around my plane.

There are no controls showing up at all

Try double tapping and see if that unlocks the camera or something. If not just restart the app.

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Nope nothings working. Guess I’ll just end my flight :(

Yes that’s the only choice, while sometimes you can quickly exit the app without any issues it’s not recommended as things like this can happen.

Ok lesson learned, thanks