Guesses for 20.3

I know that 20.2 is not even out yet, but I want to know what the IF community is thinking for what is to come in the 20.3 update. In 20.2 the 77W is being reworked along with the 777F if I’m mistaken please correct me. We also have some new liveries coming to the aircraft.

Maybe if we are lucky from what I saw on one of the posts was that the A380 and it’s textures looked much better.

I personally think that in 20.3 we will have better graphics, a reworked aircraft (maybe a new aircraft if we are lucky), and better weather including rain, snow, and clouds.

What do you guys think?


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Only time will tell what comes next. I’m sure the developers will be working diligently to provide the best content available. 🙂