Guess who’s on strike again? (Yep, the French)

Today there have been mounting delays across Europe as Euro Control is attempting to maintain service to as many places as possible while French Air Traffic Controllers strike. The controllers Tuesday decided to jump into a larger national movement against pension reform. I’m not too familiar with French politics, but it does seem the French know how to throw a good strike…

Flights to major destinations like Paris only experienced minimal delays, but many airlines like Easy Jet, Ryan Air, and British Airways had to cancel multiple flights, and many flights that would normally fly through France have been delayed due to indirect routes.


Not sure a topic is needed.

These happen literally every week now…it’s France.


Wow this is bad. I didn’t know know they were having strikes again. Thanks for the update!

You can’t seem to go a month without the French ATC and SNCF going on strike. 🤦🏻‍♂️


I love this title lol


Bruh (with a French accent)

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