Guess where I am

Airport and what I am in.

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KLAX? Just a guess using the position of the sun and runway. (kidding)

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You’re inside a KLM B777-300ER at KLAX

It’s a KLM 777-300ER, you’re in the left engine. At LAX.


You can go up into the landing gear and get behind the pilots.

KLAX, next time hide the ATC chat and I think you’re in a KLM 77W.


I’m going to agree with the others. Correct?

Lol correct I didn’t think people would realise I was inside a engine 😂

It’s kinda obvious from the fan blades…



It’s obvious it’s a 777 but,
What livery
What airport
What variant

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Livery is American. That’s all. Airport is way too hard to find out for me.
777 Variant is obviously the -300ER because it’s the only triple 7 that has the New American Airlines Livery.

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Let’s hope that is sarcasm…

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Nope that not sarcasm. I can’t tell what airport that is.

Are you serious… Lol. Look at the top of the screenshot. Where the ATC text is. Then get back with me. Haha.

I can’t see any ATC text. :/


Same here. I think I’m blind.

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First, I’m on Solo
Second, NO. It is NOT the American livery but variant is correct

Got you bud it’s… You know I really don’t know.

Oh… maybe you and @Bulba are referring to the screenshot AsianaIFVA posted. My bad.

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How is it not AA?