Guess What!

I’m Grade 3! I can go to the Advanced Server! I can’t believe it. No more Playground!


Congratulations mate ! See you on the Coolest server !

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I going to come now! I just want advice from those who are on the Advanced Server.

Know your pattern work very well, Amaya follow AT and pay attention to your flying. Other than that, should be fine.

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  1. Listen to ATC. Do what they say
  2. Follow the rules even more closely now
  3. Know what the ATC commands mean

Nothing much else. It’s just a glorified PG with better controllers and stricter rules

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I been studying the pattern chart ever since I got onto Playground. I just hope I don’t get in trouble.

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And that’s why i printed out the ATC tutorials.


Some Advice …

  • Always follow the ATC Commands given to you !

  • Be respectful to others

  • Always keep in mind that this server is not the playground so act more mature while flying

  • Always Have Fun !

// IFATC CaptainDawud


I think I will go to the Advanced Server now. Wish me luck! :)


Good luck, have fun!

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Thank you! I will have fun!

Aww man now with this grading system, it’s gonna be hard to get on the advanced server

Congrats! You will never want to go back to PG!


I’m having so much fun! I will never go to PG again! Although, there’s not much but 1 ATC.

I also found 2 mods! Skyhawk and Joe!

I finished my flight! Had a great experience in Advanced. I will never, ever return to PG!

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Good to hear mate, bit different to playground aha

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I know! I TOTALLY see the the difference. Lol!

I hope to get there soon myself!