Guess what came in the mail today!

image hogan American b737-800


Maybe you should publish this in the on-going thread about scale models, just to avoid a new topic about scale models.

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I think it’s too cluttered over there, I’d rather see something new, not on the other topic. But that’s my opinion.

Back on topic, I love the UPS MD-11, have you thought of buying from SkyMarks? I heard they’re good quality.

Do the wheels roll? Might sound silly, but I like when they roll.

That new American livery just keeps on growing on me…

I love the new livery! Although on some model airplanes it looks pretty weird, but the one he has isn’t one of them!

Yup all of them roll.

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I have three models from skymarks.

Are they good quality wise?

Yeah they are good but only the 777, 747 and a380 have landing gear. Other than that it’s cheap and accurate.

Really? I was looking around Amazon and I saw an Avianca 787 (SkyMarks) and it showed landing gear, is it a lie?

I don’t know. PM me a link and product number.