Guess The Server...

Three aircraft decide to land at once. First one to guess what server this is on gets a cookie… 🍪

(I won’t comment until somebody gets it right.)

Expert Server. Boom nailed it, totally got the right answer.


the sad moment if it was expert

Here’s your cookie @FedoraPilot. 🍪

This was honestly a surprising sight on the Expert server… Is this seriously what happens when no ATCs are online?

A skilled pilot would know to make a 360 for spacing if they are too close to each other, especially on final. Does the ATC have to do all the work here?


The titanic song in the background.

Wow, I totally thought it was PG. me = Genius.

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they looked like they were doing a

fuh fuh formation

by how the 2nd aircraft followed how the 1st aircraft movements

I didn’t hear the “Flight of” callsign.

Maybe they weren’t on the community ;)

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Or were they? Anyway who has another photo?

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@Laminar might have one.

Only reaso. I thought to expert was when I saw they were above grade 3

When I saw an IFAE parked at the gate it’s a free giveaway that it’s advanced



Yep! I got a picture, too. No “flight of” call sign.
Somebody still did not catch the point that for wild flights there are other servers to be used.

Blue skies anyway, guys

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Apparently. Some peoples continues to misunderstand those words.

Is this legit expert server? Like I would just go around and land some other time when all the trafic has gone or just make a 360

unfortunately when the ATC disappears if the proper pilots arent there it can get out of line

Did you report the user?

99 percent of pilots behave themselves around ATC. However when ATC is not there it is up to the other pilots around to report them. They are ruining YOUR experience and the experience of others. Until pilots take the initiative to do it themselves, this will continue to happen regardless of what xp rules/tests/server rules are in place. So I beg pilots that next time instead of spending the time to take a screen shot, spend less time and hit the report button. That is the only way that pilots are going to learn that goofing off when ATC is not present is not tolerated.

Hmmm … It definitely couldn’t be the Playground. I’m stumped.

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