Guess The Route!

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Which route did I fly in this video?

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I haven’t even watched the video but imma guess London to Johannesburg

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Well that was disappointing 😔

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EGLL-KLAX a little too obvious lol.


Why was it disappointing?

Eh… Wrong!

Yes, that’s correct.

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EGLL-KLAX, took me less than 10 seconds to figure it out!

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Yeah, it’s pretty easy once you think about it!


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Why would I fly KLAX - KSFO in a British Airways A380? No, that’s not right…

Aw good guess. I thought that at first but then I realized

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You would be surprised on how many people do it…

That is true…

Its actually sad Tbh!


hMmmMMM. ThiS iS tOuGh. I thiNk JFK-STI

That’s a joke, right, @Anthony_Gulluscio?

Yeah lol (10)

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